Create Online Shop for Free with No Monthly Fee Ever

$0 to Start and Only 0.49% Fee per Sell

Use your Own Domain


Start with Free Personalised Web Address

FACTS - chk and onl are official abbreviations of check online

Included Features!

  • Use your own domain
  • Access customer's details
  • Contact your customer
  • Get complete reporting feature
  • SSL Secured
  • Use Google Tags & Facebook pixel
  • Responsive to Device
  • List Unlimited Product
  • No Ads in your site
  • Customise your shop's design
  • Powerful SEO Ready
  • Multiple Language

Match Your Shop Design with Your Dream

You can design your shop exactly they way you dreamt your online shop would be. We offer fixed price shop design by a verified Expert. Click Here to Learn More

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What so Special About US

We are simple, easy and straight forward. We will not sugar coat our service. We make sure that you can start selling online right now for free and never pay any ongoing charges.


Everything related to your online shop is FREE. Your web address, SSL, hosting, data etc, everything. You never have to pay any money to maintain or keep your shop online.


Awesome shop design is very important to attract customers. Your online shop will have awesome layout and design that aligns with current trends and all ready to go.


We charge only 0.49% per sell. MIKE DROP!

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What Else!

There are always payment processing charges which we cannot avoid except you take cash on sell! Choose one or multiple from available payment processor options.

Starting an online business is not easy, but we can make one step as easy as it can be. With Item ATLAS, not only You can open an online shop without spending any money but also there is NO on-going charges to pay AND we can guarantee that YOU can get your online shop ready within next 20 minutes AND you do not need to be an IT Guru as your shop will already have all the feature that you need to start selling. Just hit the Start Now button!

Full of Features

Your site will have full of all the features you need. Click Here to read about all the features you will get.

Your Shop

it will be your own shop where you have complete control to everything in it.

It is open and unrestricted

We have no paid or premium plan! We do not hide or put restrictions. It is all yours!

Item ATLAS Free Online Shop


We use Stripe to process Payments and Identity verification. Best and Secure!

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You do not store any confidential or private information like credit card or bank details.

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And YES, definitely your shop will be Search Engine Optimised and you do not need to do anything.

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Contract Us

You can receive support from us and from other Item ATLAS Retailars through our crowd support forum.

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Available Payment Processors

One-Click Ready e-shop Templates

Item ATLAS Own Design

Customise to your Own Style

You can customise your shop anyway you like, put your own style in. We have already said it several times and it is getting boring to say that you have complete freedom with Item ATLAS, you can customise these templates anyway you like, there will no trace of Item ATLAS in your shop. It will be complete your own branded store.

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Item ATLAS Own Style

Ready Layout

As soon as you open an account, your shop will be equiped with all requirements to sell online. All you have to do is add products and start selling. You can add banners, ads to your site as you wish.

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Item ATLAS Own Brand

Brand Identity

You can change and customise colors, icons, styles, layouts, fonts etc, everything! You shop should represent your brand. You have complete freedom.

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How to Open Online Shop

How to Open an Online Shop Instantly

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Let make it very clear, again!

We DO NOT restrict any feature from you for fee. Every retailer in Item ATLAS gets equal benefits. You will never have to pay to -

  • Use your own domain
  • Access customer's complete details
  • Contact your customer
  • Get complete reporting feature
  • Have Law Fee per sell
  • Use Google Tags or Facebook pixel
  • Accept Cash on Delivery
  • List Unlimited Product
  • Have only Own Ads in your site
  • Customise with your style, design and layout
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