We are simple, easy and FREE!

  • Complete Access to All Features
  • No Ongoing Fee
  • No Sell Means Nothing to Pay
  • Shoppers pay directly to you
  • Your Products will be advertised in Item ATLAS too

No Monthly Fee Ever

0.49% application Fee

Only Fee Charged by Item ATLAS on sell

$0 - Zero Payment Processor Fee

Free if you are taking Cash on Delivery.

Total Fee per Sell

0.49% + Payment Processor's Fee If you taking online payments

Get $205 worth of Order Completely Free, means we will not change any fee at all until your total weekly sell amount is over $205!


Available Payment Processors

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Our list of features is huge. Most easy way to explain our features is this - imagine you opening a store in shopping centre/mall. Our features are exactly the same as you will get in a shopping mall.